Swapping out the Hot End

Hot End may need to be replaced once the nozzle is worn out over time or if it becomes fully jammed. Always contact a Tinkerine Tech Support staff before removing/disassembling a Hot End.

BEFORE YOU START: Always make sure that there is no filament inside the extruder. If there is still filament inside the extruder. Pre-heat the Hot End, retract the filament, and wait for the Hot End to cool back down to room temperature before proceeding!

1. Take a Philips screw driver and start turning counter-clockwise to loosen the two screws securing the hot end to the extruder motor.  


2. Once the two screws are loosen, take the two flat head screws out of the slot.  

3.  After you have successfully removed the front two screws, you can proceed to loosening the three screws on the left side of the carriage.  Take a Philips screwdriver and start rotating counter-clockwise to loosen the screws.  

4. After loosening the three screws at the left side of the carriage, the Carriage Chassis B should be loose like in the following picture.  

5. Carefully wiggle the hot end down, and it should fall out like the following picture.  

6. Once you have removed the hot end from the carriage, carefully move it under the Carriage Chassis B so that it is not constricted by it.  Basically, gently pull the hot end forward so it falls off the Carriage Chassis B and then move the wires away from it.  Afterwards, take the hex key and loosen the set screw holding the heater cartridge at the back of the hot end.  Use the hex key and start rotating counter-clockwise to loosen the set screw.  NOTE*  It is not needed to unscrew the set screw out all the way, just enough for the heater cartridge to slide out.

7. After the removal of the heater cartridge from the hot end, start rotating the thermistor set screw counter-clockwise until it is out of the hot end.

8. Once the hot end is removed, we can start replacing it with the new hot end.  

9.  Screw the thermistor set screw into the heater block by hand. To prevent damage to the thermistor, do not over-tighten the set screw.

10.  Insert the heater cartridge back into the heater block. Insertion should be done from the opposite side of the thermistor. The red wires of the heater cartridge should sit perpendicular to the hot end. Tighten the set screw with the hex key once the cartridge is in place.

11. After securing the heater cartridge and the thermistor back in the hot end, carefully route the wires back under the Carriage Chassis B and secure the top part of the hot end on top of it like the following picture.  Then position it right under the carriage.  

12.  Slide the hotend back up the slot it was taken out from.  Once it is inside, secure it with the two flat head Philip screws.  The right side could be a bit tricky because of the spring in the motor.  Therefore,  apply some force to the right bottom side of the hot end and push it up and then secure it with the remaining flat head Philip screw.  Tighten both screws.

13. Remember to tighten the three pan head Philip screws on the side of the carriage as well.  Tighten the screws until the Carriage Chassis B plate is not loose. (The panel that is holding the right fan on the right side)

14. You’re done! Double check to make sure that the wiring is sitting within the extruder’s cavity and that the hot end mount is flush and secured to the bottom of the extruder.