Updating The Printer Firmware

From time to time, Tinkerine will release firmware updates for your printer. These updates will aim to address overall printer performance and specific software usability issues. Follow the steps below to update your printer firmware.

Before you start: Visit our website to download the latest version of Tinkerine Suite and firmware for your printer!

1. Take the USB wire included with your printer and connect the USB B end to the back of the printer. Your printer does not need to be turned on to perform a firmware update.


2. Connect the other end into a USB slot on your computer.


3. Launch the Tinkerine Suite software. If you do not have Tinkerine Suite installed on your computer yet, visit our Software page to download it now.

4. From the top menu bar, select Expert → Install custom firmware

5. Select the firmware file you have downloaded for your printer.


6. Allow the firmware to upload to the printer. Do not disconnect the cable at this time.


7. All done! Click Ok to close the window and you can now disconnect the USB cable from the printer and computer.