Printing Resolution Comparison

You’ll find that within the Tinkerine Suite software, you will be able to change the resolution output of your prints. Resolution settings vary from faster printing speed to finer surface finishes. Check below to see the differences. (
The pictures shown below is taken from a 2.5 cm square, enlarged to show the individual layers better)

300 Microns - While it is the thickest layer resolution at 0.3 mm per layer, it still produces a smooth finish that is hard to tell the difference between other resolutions. Use this setting to speed up your prints.

200 Microns - The default resolution. Each layer will be printed at 0.2 mm, giving you the balance between printing time and surface finish.

100 Micron - On the higher end of the fine resolution, this setting will print each layer at 0.1 mm. While double the resolution from the 200 micron setting, prints will also take double the time to complete.

50 Microns - The highest resolution setting, printing each layer at a mere 0.05 mm, providing the model with an extremely smooth surface that feels matte to the touch. Due to the fine layers, the print will also take the longest to complete.