Applying Tape Onto The Print Surface

Using blue painter’s tape as a printing surface provides us with a medium adhesion material that allows us to easily remove prints off the bed while allowing the print to adhere properly on the bed during printing. Over time, the tape surface may wear or tear. In these cases, follow the tips below to quickly get back to printing!

1. For general purposes, we find that 3M Blue Painter’s Tape #2090 works best for print adhesion and removal. 

2.  Cut tape down into strips that stretch over the print surface. Try not to overlap the tape to give the bed a smooth even surface.

3.  After you finish cutting the strips and attached it to the bed.  Try not to smooth it out with your hands because the oil from your hands will contribute to the model print not sticking to the bed.  

4. After taping, center the glass surface on the middle of the bed. Push the print surface clips in on each of the four corners to secure the build plate in place.

5. After securing the build plate down, ensure that the bed surface is free of debris. Running the Bed Leveling Wizard is highly recommended before printing.