Leveling The Print Surface

Ensuring that the print surface is properly leveled is one of the most important things to check for during 3D printing. Utilizing the Bed Leveling Wizard, leveling the print surface on your DittoPro will ensure your prints will adhere properly and give you the best quality.

1. To start the Bed Leveling Wizard, start from the Main Menu and scroll to Wizard, then push the button to select.

2. Within the Wizard menu, select the Bed Level option and push the button again.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start leveling your bed. First time users can refer to the tips listed below.

Example 1. There are directions in the DittoPro Quick-Start Guide to assist you with the leveling adjustments but here are the pictures to show you when your bed is leveled or not.  

In this particular picture, we can see that the nozzle is too far away from the printing bed.  As a result, the model will not stick to the bed. 

On the other hand, the nozzle is too close to the printing bed in this picture.  The nozzle will scrape the adhesive tape off when the carriage is in motion. 


In this picture, the distance between the nozzle and the bed is near perfect.  It is not too far nor too close to the nozzle.  The model print will stick on to the bed.  There should be enough space in between to have a piece of paper slide through it comfortably.  

Tip 1. At the start of the print, use the skirt (outside ring of the print) to gauge how well leveled your print surface is. The filament that comes out should be slightly pressed against the tape and appear flat.

Here we have another picture which shows whether the bed is level correctly or not.  On the right side, the filament is leveled correctly where the filament is a bit squished.  On the other hand, the left side is way too far away.  This is why the filament is not sticking to the bed.