Measuring The Filament Diameter

Measuring the filament diameter with a digital caliper and inputting that information into Tinkerine Suite will allow you to achieve the best quality from your prints. Follow the steps below to measure your filament.

1. Make sure to zero your caliper in its closed position before you start. Take your caliper to a section of the filament and lightly pinch the filament and take a reading. In this case, the filament diameter is 1.73 mm.

2. Move down on the filament to take a second reading. Here we have 1.74 mm.

3. Finally, move to a new section on the filament and take a third reading. Here we have 1.72 mm.

4. With the readings you have gathered, add the three numbers together and then divide by three.

(1.73 + 1.74 + 1.72) / 3 = 1.73mm

Doing so allows us to take three readings and find the middle point. The final number that you end up with will be the number you want to set in Tinkerine Suite.